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Construction Approach: SMC Advantage

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Your Team

One of the keys to the success of our company has been the fact that we listen to our clients and make sure their priorities are being addressed. Our projects are not about the design and construction team’s desires. Our focus is to understand and protect the client’s interests, and back it up with a 2-year warranty. We are on your team!

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Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has become the heart of our business. We expect to deliver projects that exceed client expectations. As evidence of our success, we thankfully enjoy abundant repeat business and work gained through word-of-mouth referrals.

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Experience in Occupied Facilities

Over 76% of our projects in the past 5+ years include work within or adjacent to occupied facilities including surgical suites, schools, clean rooms, and libraries. Our team has the experience to not only plan successful completion of the work, but also to communicate the plan to bidding contractors, establish expectations up front, minimize surprises, and execute the plan with great success.

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No Surprises - Cost Control

We understand that cost control is a top priority on every project and no one wants a surprise cost over-run. Solid cost control starts with accurate cost projections in the design stage and continues with well thought-out and communicated trade scopes of work, competitive bidding of all trades from qualified bidders and close supervision of the work as it is being built. Our team has an excellent track record of controlling costs from start to finish for our clients. In fact, our average final cost is 0.75% BELOW initial cost.

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Value Management

Not only does our team have a great track record in controlling costs start to finish, but also in identifying opportunities to increase value. Based on our extensive experience in similar projects and dedication to serving our clients, we will constantly look for opportunities to improve quality and reduce costs. We also understand that ultimately it is our client that defines value, so we will equip you with the information needed to make intentional, informed value decisions.

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Reliable Schedules

A critical element to all projects is to make sure that construction phasing and schedules are well thought out, accurate, dependable, and adhered to. We understand it is critical to the success of this project that disruption to ongoing operations be minimized. With our team’s extensive experience, we will develop a plan that meets your operational and budgetary goals.



[SMC] continuously reevaluated the building, the plans, and the budget to make informed and forward-thinking suggestions about how to move forward.
Pilar Shaker, Library Director, Forest Park Public Library
You will not regret hiring [SMC] to oversee your project, and it will likely be the start of a long-term relationship for your future building and renovation needs.
Dr. Todd Stirn, Superintendent, CCUSD 301, Burlington, IL
I couldn’t ask for a better overall project experience
Brian Shepard, Executive Director, Indian Trails Public Library
[SMC's] detailed and solid cost projections, as well as their insightful, valued engineering ideas, helped keep us within our budget while giving us interesting options.
Dr. David Sam, President, Elgin Community College
Our team from [SMC] has quickly become a valued and trusted partner in our construction project. Their expertise and attentiveness to our project has been exemplary.
Dr. Melissa Kaczkowski, Superintendent, Roselle School District 12